What ‘The Secret’ didn’t tell you...

Have you ever seen the blockbuster documentary The Secret?

It was a phenomenon, selling 30 million copies worldwide and translated into 50 different languages.


The Secret left something out.

Something BIG.

A missing piece to the puzzle that left millions of people scratching their heads, frustrated with their failure to attract the money they dreamed about.

“The Law of Attraction is BS!” people would say.

So here’s what The Secret didn’t tell you:

Simply visualizing money, happiness, and love is NOT enough.

Because it turns out, our ability to attract what we want is at the mercy of our genetic code. A code embedded in your DNA from birth, that determines whether you’ll [attract or repel money].

In this [brand-new video], my friend Alex Maxwell, reveals everything you need to know about this ‘wealth instinct’... and more importantly... he shows you how to instantly activate and become magnetic to money.

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There is a secret…

A secret that’s been hidden for centuries.

A secret known only to the world’s richest people.

The Rockefellers... The Medicis... The Rothschilds... even the Trumps!

For decades, they’ve been passing [this secret] down through their families… generation to generation. It’s why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. It’s why the income gap grows wider. It’s why wealth inequality is soaring.

It’s the same reason why you’ve been struggling to succeed.

And, until you discover this hidden secret about manifesting money... all your efforts are doomed to fail - no matter how hard you try.

You see, scientists have discovered there is a genetic code that determines whether or not the Law of Attraction will work for you. It’s a piece of code embedded in your DNA from birth. It determines whether you’ll [attract or repel money].

Millionaires like Trump are born with it pre-activated.

But, almost all regular folks - like you and I - are born with an inactive ‘wealth instinct.’ It’s what keeps us trapped - unable to create the wealth, freedom and lifestyle we so deeply desire.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to [instantly activate this hidden genetic code] and manifest the wealth you deserve…

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